© private Image: Peter Brucker

Dr. med. Peter Brucker

ATOS Clinics Munich, Adj. Professor, Medical Director

München, Germany

Events with Peter Brucker:

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Dipl.-Sportl. Peter Brucker is one of the nationally and internationally renowned knee and sports orthopedic specialists with special expertise in minimally invasive, regenerative, and reconstructive knee surgery (arthroscopic and open knee surgery), muscle-tendon surgery at the lower extremity, and orthobiologic sports medicine. He also works as the leading team physician of the German Ski National Team Alpine (DSV) and physician of many elite athletes in football and various Olympic sports. His scientific studies focus on the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention as well as rehabilitation (back-to-sports) of conservatively or surgically treated sports injuries of the knee joint (especially anterior cruciate ligament and cartilage) and muscle-tendon injuries in professional, competitive, and amateur as well as in recreational sports. One main scientific project is the development of preventive knee braces in professional sports. Overall, Peter Brucker published more than 100 manuscripts in medical journals and he presented more than 400 lectures internationally and nationally including live operations and instructor activities. Since 2016, he has been listed in the Focus Ärzteliste in the field of “sports orthopedics”.