© private Image: Noé Brasier

Dr. med. Noé Karl Brasier

Clinical Researcher, Chief Medical Information Office, University Hospital Base

Basel, Switzerland

Events with Noé Karl Brasier:

Dr. med. Noé Brasier is a clinical researcher at the Chief Medical Information Office, Department D&ICT of the University Hospital Basel (CH). He focus on the investigation of sweat as a clinical bio-fluid, as sweat hosts a broad range of metabolic compounds. While running trials at the University Hospital Basel that are primarily focusing on sweat analysis in Infectious Disease, Dr. med. Noé Brasier has been investigating the clinical potential of sweat as a source of next-generation digital biomarkers using on-skin smartphone-based biosensors. With his recent publication on “Sweat as a source of next-generation digital biomarkers”, he founded the area of internet-enabled Sudorology, the expertise of sweat analysis using smartphone-based biosensors.