© MobileODT Image: Leon Ariel Boston

Leon Ariel Boston

MobileODT, CEO


Events with Leon Ariel Boston:

Leon- Ariel Boston is a consummate CEO and entrepreneurial business leader known for his track record of success in high-performance medical device companies. He is recognized as one of the leading CEOs in the world of Femtech.

As a CEO of MobileODT, Boston leverages his vast experience, to transform the company into a fully encompassing digital health offering, built on the foundations of AI for cervical cancer screening and other modalities. Boston’s leadership of MobileODT over the past few years has created a worldwide recognition of the MobileODT brand and its technologies; to be recognized as a leading company in the cervical cancer space. As an expert in the world of femtech, Boston focuses on developing applications to improve women’s health and increase access to good healthcare.