© private Image: Harald Freitag

Harald Freitag


Wissen, Germany

Events with Harald Freitag:

Harald Freitag, age 35, born and raised in Jena, Thuringia.

A-levels at the Gymnasium with emphasis on science classes.

His father Dietrich, doctor of mathematics, influenced him very early on for high interest in all kinds of technical hardware and gadgets.

He devoted himself to various competitive sports, like f. ex. basketball, martial arts and triathlon.

Harald studied Informatics and technology management with a diploma in engineering at the University of Stuttgart.

During his studies he worked as freelancer for IVS Engineering he developed his passion for movement analysis/optimization besides bio-feedback tracking.

Three years ago he founded movX together with Thomas Steiger, his former boss and mentor at IVS.

This passion was changed while working and training together into becoming a lifestyle-concept.