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Carsten Brockmann

THALES Group, eHealth Market Director

Munich, Germany

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Carsten directs the Medical Internet-of-Things (IoT) portfolio vertical at THALES. His collaboration focus is on medical device makers, smart pharmaceuticals, clinical research organizations, and connected healthcare providers. His activities circle around co-creation of cybersecure and connected healthcare solution that use the latest cellular LTE and 5G IoT technologies allowing patients at home, on the move or in emergencies to reach better health outcomes.

Coming from a computer science background, Carsten has gained 20+ years of insights and knowledge in technology sales & marketing with a strong success record in the telecom and engineering services industry. His interest in the Medical IoT is driven by the good example of his dad. Carsten’s dad is in good shape and has survived diabetes type 1 for more than 70 years without any long-term effects due to consequent adherence to glucose monitoring throughout his life. Ease of use of ever evolving monitoring technology has been the secret of this medical success in his case.