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14:3015:00 18. Nov 2019
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MTF: Patents for the medical industry 4.0

Session Opportunities and challenges of a digitalized healthcare industry

How can you protect Artificial Intelligence based inventions in medicine? What about medical methods performed by a computer or a robot?

The medical industry is booming, and so are modern computing and communication technologies. Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, smart devices are no science fiction anymore – we use them in our everyday life.

Smartphones collect health data and alert medical personnel if you are in trouble. Doctors can consult vast databases from hospitals all over the world. Artificial Intelligence learns to tell cancer apart from healthy tissue, speeding up diagnosis. Data crunching software analyses the human genome... to name just a few ways Industry 4.0 revolutionises medicine.

However, lots of questions arise, when it comes to patenting medical inventions and inventions using computers, due to patent law particularities regarding these inventions. Yet, inventions created by Medical Industry 4.0 get patented every day. Let us see how to get your invention protected in Europe and how to avoid pitfalls.

First we will discuss, patenting of inventions using computers.

Then, we will take a look at the patentability of medical methods in Europe.