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15:3016:00 18. Nov 2019
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MTF: How to use patient data to develop medical devices in compliance with GDPR

Session Opportunities and challenges of a digitalized healthcare industry

Contemporary and competitive healthcare relies on cutting-edge technology. Manufacturers and service vendors develop and improve devices and solutions that support healthcare professionals and benefit society. This necessitates the use of patient and device data.

The question arises how to stay abreast of security vulnerabilities and technological developments without violating the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will explore how to be a technology leader while maintaining privacy compliance. This requires answering questions like, do I need individual patients' consent? Will I be using identifying patient data, or can I rely on anonymous data? Do I need to transition from a mere processor role to becoming a controller with added responsibility? We will also see how the GDPR interplays with additional regulations regarding medical devices, hospitals, and healthcare professionals.

There will be time to discuss questions from the audience.