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14:0014:30 18. Nov 2019
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MTF: Exoskeleton-supported stroke rehabilitation using embedded brain reading

Session Opportunities and challenges of a digitalized healthcare industry

Stroke rehabilitation has to address impairment caused by brain hemorrhage. Patients show diverse symptoms reaching from movement disorders, impaired sensation and cognitive deficits, which must be addressed by therapy. To compensate movement disorders, exoskeletons can be applied. They can sense movements and support them to enable a patient with smallest remaining muscular activity to regain control over a disabled limb. Additionally, biosignals such as brain activity or electromyogram can be used by means of embedded brain reading (eBR) to adapt the support to the patients need. For a successful therapy not only assist as needed is required but further, patients must be able to follow instructions - mental stress must be avoided to assure optimal therapy conditions. Again, eBR can be used to detect task load on a patient while he or she is performing an ongoing action to infer whether a patient is still able to understand instructions by the therapist or a serious game. This presentation will show new therapy approaches for upper limb rehabilitation made possible by means of a newly developed exoskeleton with highly adaptive embedded control based on biosignals.