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14:2014:40 19. Nov 2020
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MMSC: Sweat as a source of next generation digital biomarkers
The rise of Internet-enabled sudorology

Session Session 3: Evidence-based diagnostics and wearable technologies

Sweat contains a variety of metabolic compounds and therefore hosts a broad panel of non-invasive biomarkers. Novel smartphone-based biosensors enable patientdriven, lab-independent, on-skin sweat analysis and provide a direct, non-invasive metabolic feedback. Thus, sweat analysis is a source of next-generation digital biomarkers and allowing novel insights into longitudinal, molecular health data. In a recently, successfully finished explorative pilot study we detected β-lactam antibiotics and vancomycin in in-house patients’ sweat samples using mass spectrometry. Therefore, sweat analysis has the potential to serve as a non-invasive therapeutic drug monitoring for antibiotics. In the conclusion, there is a high potential for smartphone-based sweat analysis and the need to evolve the internet-enabled field of sweat expertise: iSudorology.