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11:4513:00 17. Nov 2022
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MMSC Session 5 - Shark tank of digital innovation

  • Biomarkers to make your blood glucose actionable
    Dr. med. Anne Latz, Medical Doctor, Nutritionist and Diplomate in Lifestyle Medicine, Co-Founder of Hello Inside

  • Continuous glucose monitoring for athletic performance optimisation
    Dr. Federico Fontana, Exercise Physiologist and Sport Scientist, Supersapiens’ VP of Scientific Affairs

  • (tbd)
    Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Höher, Specialist in orthopaedics / trauma surgery

  • Intelligent performance management for player health
    Reimut Hellmerichs, Vice President Business Development EMEA, KINEXON

  • Soccer athletic training for amateur clubs
    Claudius Ludwig, Co-Founder of Fußballetics

  • Connect with your track
    Johannes Rosenmoeller, CEO of Humotion

  • Continuous voice-based health monitoring
    Christian Klasen, Co-Founder of Voizzr, CEO of Technidoo Solutions

  • Health and performance metrics – A peak behind the curtain and an outlook into the future of wrist worn wearables
    Dr. Leon Brudy, Business Development Manager, Garmin Health