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16:2416:36 19. Nov 2020
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MMSC: Coming to pro surfing
Full body motion capture and analysis

Session Session 5: Digital innovations in sports & healthcare

Motion capture science and know-how has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last 25 years but one type of motion data has been unavailable to academia, industry and even Hollywood and that is of a surfer. The challenges are few but huge ones, once the main bouts of accuracy and technical scope have been achieved. Salt waterproofing and data stream reception will prove have proved worthy adversaries to all players and the story of how they were addressed successfully in the Trestles in August 2019 is quite interesting. The resulting first ever 3D Avatar graphics from actual surfers, as well as pop-up and paddling analysis for coaches, required AiQS and Red Bull to collaborate for yet another push of the envelope to create a user friendly surfing mocap system by Spring 2020.