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14:0014:15 17. Nov 2021
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MLF: Introduction: Integrative and AI-driven diagnostics

Session Integrative and AI-driven diagnostics

Integrative and AI-driven diagnostics are the current buzzwords in diagnostic medicine. They are expected to change the way of diagnostics, expand capabilities and insights beyond the information obtainable by standard data evaluation, and ultimately open new ways for more precise, reliable, unbiased and cost-effective diagnostics in the future that will hopefully go along with improved patient outcomes. The value and potential challenges will be discussed by young talent from a variety of disciplines including laboratory medicine, radiology, bioinformatics and informatics. The selection and composition of speakers represents the journey of modern diagnostics through an integrative approach that draws on multiple disciplines. Each of them will give an insight from their point of view, allowing for a deep and controversial discussion at the end of the session.