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12:1512:20 19. Nov 2020
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MLF: Antimicrobial peptides in septic arthritis

Session Young talents in diagnostics and research

Bacterial infection is one of the most frequent complications in joint replacement and dental implant surgery. The incidence of septic arthritis following total joint arthroplasty is approximately 2%, leading to massive health problems and
considerable cost to the national economy. Dental implant inflammation is another frequent condition with serious oral health and economic consequences. A new approach to reduce such infections is antimicrobial coating of prostheses and
implants. We show that peptides of the cartilage-specific CLEC3A kill common nosocomial Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. More interestingly, coating these antimicrobial peptides on titanium Substrates significantly reduces bacterial adhesion on titanium substrates, the most commonly used prosthetic material. Coating of prostheses and dental implants with cartilage-specific antimicrobial peptides could therefore be an effective way of preventing infections.