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15:0016:00 13. Oct 2022
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MEDICA DEEP DIVE: AI diagnostics – from development to practice

Applications based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning could soon be encountered regularly in our medical practices. Patients themselves probably won't notice, but for doctors, AI will make a big difference in diagnostics.

AI and Machine Learning will intervene where doctors have the most work: in finding the right diagnosis. For many conditions, diagnostics may be limited to looking at a single lab value or image. But in more complex cases, all the available data must be combined to form a meaningful picture from which the right conclusions can be drawn.

This does not only take time but is also tedious. This is where AI applications come in, because unlike humans, they can work without pausing. AI recognizes patterns in data and can use them to infer certain results. In the process, of course, an AI does not make its own diagnoses, but merely suggests diagnoses to a human, which in turn must confirm them.

In our MEDICA DEEP DIVE, you can learn more about AI applications for clinical use: We talk about projects in which AI is being developed, about user requirements and about how an AI moves from development to application.