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12:3014:00 18. Nov 2021
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MCHF: MEDICA DISRUPT – Solutions for hospitals and care centers

Session MEDICA DISRUPT – Solutions for hospitals and care centers

Biometrics and AI – The next most reliable patient and health staff identification?
Antxon Caballero Valencia, Heuristik Health, CEO & Founder, Getxo, Spain

Creating a learning platform for surgeons
Dr. Arne Schlenzka, Osgenic, CEO, Helsinki, Finland

3D printing at the point of care - An embedded model
Henry Pinchbeck, 3D LifePrints, CEO, London, UK
Michael Richard, 3D LifePrints, Head of Engineering, Oxford, UK

3D design automation for the orthotics & prosthetics industry
Stephen Cook, Taika3D, CEO, Wiltshire, UK

Revolutionary remote monitoring platform of cardiac devices
Thomas Habib, Implicity, COO, Paris, France

A digital health solution for quality-assured infection control
Dr. Tamas Haidegger, HandInScan, Co-Founder, Budapest, Hungary