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15:0017:00 18. Nov 2021
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Session MEDICA DISRUPT – Medica Start-Up Park


Welcome and introduction

Should AEDs be considered as preventative care for sudden cardiac death?
Anthony Verdeja, HeartHero, Vice President of Global Strategy & Sales, Colorado, USA

Using IoT and deep learning in managing patients with COVID-19 and chronic disease
Dr. Lukasz Czekaj, aidmed, CTO, Gdansk, Poland

Mobile connected blood coagulation diagnostics platform with Lab on a Chip
Hasan Urey, Tarabios, CEO, Istanbul, Turkey

Improved diagnostic yield for patients with cardiac arrhythmias through Diagnostics as a Service
Alexander Panos, evismo, Co-Founder, Zurich, Switzerland

Dermatology via app - A new era of digital medicine
Dr. Ole Martin, dermanostic, CEO & Co-Founder, Düsseldorf, Germany

How Artificial Intelligence can support treatment of chronic conditions
Dr. Marco Farina, Omnidermal, Co-Founder, Parma, Italy

Do you know the potential of your ultrasound machine?
Dr. Sophia Borowka, Aison, Chief Executive Officer, Schlieren, Switzerland

How AI-powered radar prevents falls and helps understand patient mobility
Cyrill Gyger, Qumea, CEO, Solothurn, Switzerland

The smartest way to check your heart
Caroline Oehri, Exploris Health, Business Development, Waillisellen, Switzerland
Peter Ruff, Exploris Health, CEO & Founder, Waillisellen, Switzerland

B2B toolkit for in-app respiratory disease monitoring
Dr. Peter Tinschert, Resmonics, CEO & Co-Founder, Zurich, Switzerland

The first drug-free and connected treatment for nasal congestion and related pain
Konstantinos Efthymiopoulus, Bioelesonic, Chairman & Director of BioEleSonic AG, Geneva, Switzerland

Smart oral appliance for sleep apnea and snoring
Sefa Zülfikar, Respo Gadgets,Founder, Istanbul, Turkey

A portable hand exoskeleton to bring movement home after stroke
Luca Randazzo, emovo, CEO, Lausanne, Switzerland

How wearables are transforming clinical research and healthcare
Lukas Geissmann, Leitwert, Chief Product Officer, Switzerland

AI guided ultrasound applications
Ozan Biler, Nerveblox, CSO & Co-Founder, Çankaya, Turkey
Utku Kaya, Nerveblox, CEO & Co-Founder, Çankaya, Turkey

Secure communication and collaboration in healthcare - Where data and providers connect
Luiza Dobre, Komed Health, CEO & Founder, Zurich, Switzerland

Interoperability and decentralized health data
Chriss McFarlane, Patientory, CEO & Founder, Atlanta, USA

How to design, built and scale digital healthcare solution in less then 100 days
Till Beutling, Digital Healthcare. Fast., Lead Digital Strategy, Cologne, Germany

Virtual healthcare solutions for disease management and therapy adherence
Erik Brovko, Lora Health, CEO & Foudner, St. Petersburg, Russia

Self-operating urine analyzer
Utku Uluşahin, Oruba Medical Technology, Co-Founder & General Manager, Ankara, Turkey

Practical training of effective hand disinfection - Digital and decentralized
Tim van Doorn, Heyfair, International Customer Success, Jena, Germany

Medical travel advice - A new digital approach
Dr. Andreas Kaniewski, Journeyfit, CEO, Leverkusen, Germany
Andrej Schneider, Journeyfit, Managing Director, Leverkusen, Germany