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WS: French breakthroughs in artificial intelligence in medical imaging

Ludovic Dome, Intrasense:

We design solutions for advanced visualization and universal 3D post-processing, to accelerate and optimize medical image interpretation.

We aim to provide all our partners and health professionals with the best visualization solutions tailored to their projects.

Thanks to Myrian® unique and innovative features, Intrasense plays a key role for its partners in supporting them in various fields such as biomarker development, artificial intelligence (AI), deep-leaning, etc.


Liza Alem, AZmed:

Medical images have doubled in 10 years whereas the number of doctors has stagnated over the same period. As a consequence, radiologists struggle to keep pace, which increases the risk of medical errors.

To help doctors improve their workload as well as patient care, AZmed developed Rayvolve, a computer-aided diagnosis tool able to detect all types of fractures on standard x-rays.