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13:0013:30 21. Nov 2019
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MTF: Launching in the US first
A model for growth in the days of MDR

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Launching new products in the US first is a model for growth in the days of MDR in Europe. TCG is an international consulting firm that helps medical device companies enter and/or expand their position in the US healthcare market.

With 20 years of experience, TCG has helped almost 100 companies – mostly from the EU – enter and/or grow their business in the US.  TCG has helped these companies manage FDA approval, obtain reimbursement, build distribution or direct sales organizations, and create sales growth.

Based on this experience, TCG has identified 17 critical factors needed for successful US market entry.  Understanding a company’s position on all of the 17 factors, and planning accordingly, is the key to successful US market entry.   

In this presentation, the 17 factors will be identified, as well as examples on how companies who are entering the US market can use this knowledge to improve US market entry plans.