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14:0016:00 16. Nov 2021
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MTF: Digitales Gesundheitswesen und innovative Produkte für den russischen Markt im COVID-Kontext

Session Marktzugang international

Deutsch-Russische Auslandshandelskammer (AHK Russland)

Moderation Panel:
Katharina Schöne, German-Russian Chamber of Commerce
Aaron Röschke, IHK Düsseldorf

Legal aspects of using personal patients‘ data in digital healthcare: legislation and court practice (Rechtliche Aspekte der Nutzung von personenbezogenen Patientendaten im digitalen Gesundheitswesen: Gesetze und Rechtsprechung)
Dr. Andreas Knaul, Rödl & Partner

Specifics of the Russian digital health system and the adaptation of German products for the Russian consumer
Boris Wittkowski, AHK Russland

Neben den Fähigkeiten des Anwenders von Medizintechnik ist das reibungslose Zusammenspiel verschiedener innovativer, leistungsfähiger Geräte ein wesentlicher Teil moderner Medizin. Das bringt die zunehmende Verzahnung medizinischer Disziplinen, wie Radiologie und Chirurgie, weiter voran. Und diese gewinnt für eine optimierte Gesundheitsversorgung gerade im OP-Saal sehr stark an Bedeutung. OP-Säle sind komplexe Raumsysteme. Die Verbände ZVEI und SPECTARIS haben deshalb als strategischen Lösungsbeitrag für Betreiber eine Planungshilfe zur Ausstattung von OPs entwickelt.

How telemedicine technology can help solve the problem of increasing the coverage of radiology diagnosis in the context of a shortage of highly qualified radiological technicians: the example of the introduction of remote control of scanners for complex studies of children
Svetlana Gerbel, Siemens Healthineers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian radiation diagnostics market experienced a surge, and the Russian market is characterized by some unique features. First, as a manufacturer, we do not always see enough competence in the field to manage our equipment. Despite the fact that we accompany each of our devices with a mandatory briefing when they are put into operation, this does not solve the problem of training the nursing staff, on whom the quality of medical images, the capacity of the devices, and the dose that the patient receives directly depend.  Russian healthcare market today is experiencing a unique situation: new technologies are being purchased, but there is often an imbalance in terms of staff training for working with them. To solve this problem, we have brought to market a technology that helps target the experience of working with equipment to the regions and improve the qualifications of specialists who work directly with our machines. Under difficult conditions, in 2021 we were able to successfully pilot our technology for remote control of scanners for complex studies of children. Today, one of the stumbling blocks in the implementation of such solutions is the opex model, when the customer does not immediately buy out the solution, such as a CT machine, but pays for regular services to ensure regular activity.

Secondly, there is a localization trend in the Russian market, both in medical equipment and in digital technologies in healthcare.  There is a growth in the number of local digital solutions, but due to the fact that in a number of segments Russian manufacturers are not yet able to offer the technologies that the domestic healthcare industry needs, when implementing complex projects, for example, when building new clinics, a "patchwork quilt" of IT solutions from different vendors is created, often "raw".

Siemens has been supplying medical solutions to Russia for over 160 years and has been supplying medical solutions for over 130 years. We are interested in ensuring that the capabilities of our high-tech equipment are used as efficiently as possible for the benefit of patients.

Digital Healthcare in Russia in the times of COVID-19
Vladimir Egorov, Skolkovo Foundation

The presentation gives an overview of Russian digital health market, including telemedicine services, clinical decision support systems, medical and laboratory information systems. Changes that came with COVID-19 increased the rate of digital transformation from the points of view of healthcare industry and the regulation. The presentation includes a brief overview of Skolkovo Foundation’s role and support instruments for Russian healthcare’s digital transformation.