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14:5215:10 20. Nov 2019
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MMSC: The physically inactive and aging media society – Options to strengthen health and fitness promotion

Session Sports for health. Public health guidelines and implementation – Exercise prescription


In the past decades, historically exceptional changes have entailed drastic upheavals in human environment, behavior, and lifestyle: Sedentary living coupled with the abundance and easy access to inexpensive food are the root causes for the expanding epidemics in obesity-related diseases and surging medical costs. Moreover, this trend is fueled by the ongoing demographic changes and increasingly affects the working world (declining numbers of fit, healthy, and able-bodied employees). Sadly, health and fitness initiatives often fail to engage non-athletes in regular and meaningful physical activity.

In this talk, motivation and perceived barriers to regular exercise from non-athletes, trained persons as well as performance data of about 1 million endurance runners aged 20-80 yrs are presented. The final part of the lecture deals with the question whether the efficiency of fitness promotion programs can be amplified by rewarding and penalizing systems. Such systems exist in numerous domains of life to modify behavior in the public, as well as in the individual long term interests.