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12:1812:41 21. Nov 2019
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MMSC: Strength training modalities and the intramuscular connective tissue

Session Tailored exercise programs. Personalization – Prevention of training overload – Regeneration


Intramuscular connective tissue (IMCT) plays an important role in the transmission of contractile force from active muscle fibres to aponeuroses and tendons, which might affect the overall capacity of skeletal muscles to generate force [Purslow et al., 2002]. At older age, skeletal muscles typically demonstrate fibrotic morphology [Stearns-Reider et al., 2017] with increased absolute collagen content and cross-linking of collagen fibres [Haus et al., 2007] potentially contributing to the age-associated loss in skeletal muscle function. Remodelling processes in the IMCT seem to play an important role in the response of young and old persons to an acute bout of resistance training [Wessner et al., 2018]. The talk will summarize the current scientific knowledge in the potentially underestimated contribution of the IMCT to muscle force development with a special focus on ageing and the modifying role of different types of resistance exercise