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MMSC: Session 4 – Fit for life – Tailored exercise programs for the active ageing

Session Session 4 – Fit for life – Tailored exercise programs for active ageing

Training interventions to enhance different dimensions of cognition in older adults
Prof. Dr. Bettina Wollesen
, Professor of Sports Science with focus on Movement and Training Science, Technical University Berlin

Sedentary lifestyle in old age
Dr. med. Timo Hinrichs
, Deputy Head of Rehabilitative and Regenerative Sports Medicine, Senior consultant of the Sports Medicine Outpatient Clinic at the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health, University of Basel, Switzerland

Early rehabilitation after kneearthroplasty
Associate Prof. Dr. med. Sanjay Weber-Spickschen
, Head of Traumatology and Sports Medicine Klinikum Peine, Hannover Medical School, Medical Team German Athletic Association (DLV)

Fit for life – The essential exercises to stay healthy and agile
Dr. med. Christian Schneider
, Theresie Orthopedic Center Theresie Munich, Medical Expert
Committee German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB)
Dr. med. Thore Haag, Head of Sports Therapy at Theresie Orthopaedic Centre, former high-performance athlete