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16:1216:24 19. Nov 2020
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MMSC: Percussive therapy
The new wave in performance and recovery

Session Session 5: Digital innovations in sports & healthcare

A deep dive into the science behind percussive therapy, the breakthrough treatment that’s
making waves in the performance, recovery, and wellness space. Percussive therapy is deep
muscle treatment using rapid and long vertical strokes into the muscle tissues causing a
neuromuscular response. Professional-grade percussive therapy combines the science of
amplitude, frequence, and torque - the essential triad required to relieve pain, improve
movement and aid in recovery.

Learn all about the use and application of percussive therapy in this session with Dr. Jason
Wersland. More than just a massage device, the breakthrough science behind percussive
therapy helps override the pain signals to the brain, increase heat in the tissue, and release
tension. The result is a faster, more effective solution to relieve pain, accelerate recovery,
enhance performance, and increase range of motion.