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11:3011:50 19. Nov 2020
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MMSC: New technologies in professional football
Current trends in the German Bundesliga

Session Session 2: Tailored exercise programs

In soccer, clubs aim to explore technology innovations (TIs) in order to create competitive advantages (Forslund, 2017). Improving the performance on the pitch, identifying talents as well as maintaining physical and mental health are key areas of application (Ringuet-Riot, Hahn & James, 2014).

In order to detect current trends in the application of and processes related to TIs in professional soccer, we conducted a study with experts from the sport departments (i.e. match analysts, scouts, athletic coaches, innovation officers, team doctors) of 15 German Bundesliga clubs via online-interviews during season 2019/20.

The study reveals trends in the reciprocal relationship in which TIs adapt to clubs’ needs (e.g. multidimensional prognostic modelling) and vice versa (e.g. data science competency). Forslund, M. (2017). Innovation in soccer clubs: The case of Sweden. Soccer & Society, 18(2–3), 374–395.

Ringuet-Riot, C. J., Hahn, A. & James, D. A. (2014). A structured approach for technology
innovation in sport. Sports Technology, 6(3), 137-149.