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15:0015:15 16. Nov 2021
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MLF: Exosome-associated miRNA, mRNA and lncRNA diagnostics

Session Liquid profiling and immune therapies in oncology

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are circulating in body liquids and are involve in the intercellular communication with key functions in physiological or pathological processes. Exosomes have gained huge interest because of their molecular diagnostic potential in liquid biopsies based on the associated RNA, with focus on miRNA, mRNA and lncRNA.

Goal is the development an integrative microRNA/isomiR/mRNA/lncRNA biomarker signatures for the early diagnosis and classification of critical ill patients, with focus on sepsis or arteriosclerosis. Furthermore, the results provide a guidance to navigate the multitude of EV/exosome isolation methods in liquid biopsy. It should help researchers and clinicians in the field of molecular diagnostics to make the right choice about the EV/exosome isolation strategy to receive a valid integrative RNA biomarker signature.