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15:1015:45 21. Nov 2019
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MCHF: MEDICA DISRUPT – Start-up session: Solutions for hospitals and care centers

15:10 15:15 h
Short intro on solutions for hospitals and care centers

15:15 15:20 h
Kamil Gewartowski, Project Manager, Curiosity Diagnostics

15:20 15:25 h
The care transformation – Connected, efficient and innovative
Natalie Heckel, Public Relations, MOIO

15:25 15:30 h
Correlation between indoor pollution in houses and functional impairment of pulmonary fibrosis patients
Antonella Santoro, CEO, Nuvap

15:30 15:35 h
VerimaCT 1.0 software for 3D imaging
Nicola Pacini, Product Manager, Witapp

15:35 15:40 h
Seamless patient monitoring from hospital to home
Miro Käch, CEO, Leitwert

15:40 - 15:45 h
Thericon - augmented imaging. Revolutionizing intraoperative imaging with multiparametric endoscopy
Dr. Nikolaos Deliolanis, CEO, Thericon GmbH