© VitaScale GmbH Foto: Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Jerichow

Dr. Ulrich Jerichow

VitaScale, CEO

Gelnhausen, Deutschland

Veranstaltungen mit Ulrich Jerichow:

Dr. Ulrich Jerichow is the founder and CEO of VitaScale, which offers the innovative next level of maskless breath analysis based diagnostic and coaching for medical, health, fitness and automotive applications.

Ulrich Jerichow holds a PhD degree in Material Science, has more than 20 years’ experience as a CTO in various industries as well as top management consultant for R&D / Operations. The foundation of VitaScale is based on his long-lasting successful triathlon career, during which he developed the idea to make existing high end methods of sports medicine available to every end customer through a revolutionary product concept.