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Dr. Tristan Vouga

TWIICE, CEO & Co-Founder


Veranstaltungen mit Tristan Vouga:

Tristan Vouga is CEO and co-founder of TWIICE, a startup dedicated to helping humans reconnect with their community thanks to wearable robotics technology. During his Ph.D., he developed the technology behind TWIICE and led the team that won the silver medal at the cybernetics Olympic Games called Cybathlon. His research focuses on wearable robots and how modularity can help living their performance, enhancing human-machine interaction and reducing costs. Dr. Vouga started his career in the wearable robotics field in collaboration with Prof. Miguel Nicolelis when he developed the first lower-limb exoskeleton to achieve direct kinematic control via a brain-machine interface. As part of his research, he designed a partial orthosis that improves running speed in transfemoral amputees and the world's first exoskeleton to allow paraplegics to go ski-touring again. The overarching goal of his work is to create robots that interact smoothly with humans and integrate seamlessly with society. Tristan Vouga is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, including the Hilti Mechatronics Award and the PERL Prize