© Stephan Goebbels Foto: Stephan Goebbels

Col. Stefan Goebbels

Office of Support Operations United Nations / New York, Military Medical Advisor

Veranstaltungen mit Stefan Goebbels:

•2000 - 2005 Head of the German Armed Forces development team for the medical service management and patient tracking system SAFES
o 2001 Federal Armed Forces Office Abt. II
o 2004 Information Technology Office of the German Armed Forces Dept. D1
• 2004-2006 Master of Health Economics at the University of Cologne
• 2006 transfer to the Bundeswehr Central Hospital Koblenz, Department of Quality Management as head of the department
• 2009 Deployment to mission as Chief ClinicCoy and head of Level 3 field hospital ISAF 19 in Mazar E-Sharif, Afghanistan
• 2009 Transfer to the Federal Ministry of Defense, Surgeon General’s Office FüSanPersZ as a Public Affairs Officer
• 2013 Chief MedCoy and head of the Level 3 filed hospital ISAF 32 in Mazar E-Sharif, Afghanistan
• 2014 entrusted to the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and use as Head of Unit for medical IT in the German Armed Forces
• 2015 Head of the Medical Brach (JMed) and Medical Advisor at Resolute Support Mission 3 responsible for TAAC North in Mazar E-Sharif Afghanistan
• 2016 Military Medical Advisor to the UN Medical Director, United Nations Secretariat New York