Remco Blom

Netherlands Armed Forces, Surgeon

Veranstaltungen mit Remco Blom:

In July 2009, he was posted to the CDC as Deputy Commander of the Health Care Agency Group (BG-GZ). For almost all of 2011, he was formally responsible for command of the agency group. This formal status was ended when the Personnel and Healthcare Division (Divisie P&G) was established. Blom remained the de facto commander of the old BG-GZ and a member of the CDC council, partly due to the fact that no division commander had been assigned to the new division. In 2013, the medical part of the Personnel and Healthcare Division was transferred to the Defence Healthcare Organisation (DGO). As Blom was not given command of the DGO, he became the project manager of various internal reorganisation projects. After the establishment of the First-Line Health Care Agency, Blom was appointed as the first commander of the new agency. In 2017 he took over command of the Defence Healthcare Organization.