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Rüdiger Müller

Rüdiger Müller - Unternehmensberatung im Gesundheitswesen, Owner & Managing Director

Stockheim, Deutschland

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Rüdiger Müller is the owner and managing director at Rüdiger Müller - Unternehmensberatung im Gesundheitswesen, advising hospitals and suppliers to optimise the supply chain and procurement process in Germany (working with hospitals and medical suppliers). Until August, 2012, he also worked as Director of Strategic Purchasing at regioMed-Kliniken GmbH. He has over 20 years of experience in hospital and health care procurement and logistics. Mr. Müller was the Chief Executive Officer of the Board at femak e.V., a trade association for group purchasing, materials management and logistics for hospitals and clinics in Germany until 2012.