© Sebastian Schöffel Foto: Dr. Lutz Graumann © Sebastian Schöffel

Dr. med. Lutz Graumann

German Icehockey Federation, President International Association of Performance Medicine, Medical Coordinator

Rosenheim, Deutschland

Veranstaltungen mit Lutz Graumann:

MD, Ph.D. and Specialist in Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Chirotherapy with the focus on performance enhancement. He is President of the International Association of Performance Medicine // Founder of Sportmedizin Rosenheim and Quest Vitality // Team Physician of the German Icehockey Federation // Head of Education at Blackroll // Author of the bestselling books „REGENERATION“, “Functional Fascial Training with Blackroll” and „GET FIT TO RUN“ // Lecturer at the German Armed Forces Leadership Academy in Hamburg.

Enhancing performance has always been in the focus of Lutz Graumann’s work. Starting his medical career in 1994 he soon realized that his desires in the professional field were close to those of his private life: sports.

Challenges dominated his work and private life after accepting a full scholarship of the German Bundeswehr.

Working with different pro athletes, special forces, fighter pilots and leadership groups, he has learned that training methods and nutritional concepts have varying impacts on the individual.

Dr Graumann integrates sports and military medicine and cutting-edge technology to create data based movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset strategies for work and play.