© privat Bild: Gerhard Kahr

Dr. Gerhard Kahr

Genius5-Instruments GmbH, Manager and Research Engineer


Veranstaltungen mit Gerhard Kahr:

Mr. Gerhard Kahr made the examen as engineer in 1984 at the Technical University of Vienna with first class honours. 1982 Mr. Kahr started as assistant of Professor Lux at the Institut of Inorganic Chemistry at the Technical University of Vienna.

In 1992 he started as general manager of the Institut for measurement and testing until 2000. In 1995 this Insti-tut received an 2 years contract from HMIP to perform emssion as well as ambient air monitoring for London and the surrounding area. From 1997 to 2001 Mr. Kahr prepared as responsible "Technician" the project "ambi-ent air monitoring for metropolitan areas of Indonesia".

2001 to 2014 Mr. Kahr was general manager of the company “MonitoringSystems GmbH” specialised in dioxin monitoring with dilution systems. In 2014 Mr. Kahr founded the company Genius5-Instruments, focussed on greenhouse gas sampling and smell dilution systems.

Since the start of Covid-19 problem in Europe, he is mainly doing research how to use smell dilution systems to detect Covid-19 infections quickly.