© privat Bild: Georg Heidenreich

Dr. Georg Heidenreich

Vorsitzender ZVEI-Fokusgruppe Cybersicherheit Medizintechnik

Erlangen, Deutschland

Veranstaltungen mit Georg Heidenreich:

Georg Heidenreich represents Siemens Healthcare in various associations and standardization groups. He is chair of DIN NAMED NA 063-07-02 AA “Interoperability”, DKE UK 811.3 “Electrical safety of networked medical devices”, ZVEI Electromedical “FG Cybersecurity”, co-convenor of JWG7 “Safe, effective and secure health IT systems” and the project lead of ISO/IEC 81001-5-1 “Security -Activities in the product life-cycle”. Georg holds a diploma in computer science and received a doctoral degree in engineering from Erlangen-Nuremberg university.