© Theragun LLC Bild: Ben McNamara, Head of Education EMEA, Theragun LLC

Ben McNamara

Theragun LLC, Head of Education EMEA

Chelmsford, Vereinigtes Königreich

Veranstaltungen mit Ben McNamara:

Ben is an Australian born professional goalkeeper, currently living in the UK. He has been
fortunate enough to work with and against former and current Premier League players,
managers and coaches.

During Ben’s more than decade long career as a professional athlete he has endured some
almost career ending injuries and always searched for myofascial release tools to help him
activate, recover and relieve pain.

In April 2018 Ben met the founder and inventor of Theragun, Dr Jason Wersland. Since then he
has been working with Theragun to understand protocols in muscle activation, recovery, and
pain relief through high-frequency, high-amplitude neuromuscular percussive therapy.

Ben’s role as Head of Education in EMEA is to drive Culture and Education throughout the EU,
Middle East and Asia Pacific.

What differentiates Ben is his ability to balance our goal of creating wide reaching impact, with
the humility to start with the one person in-front of him. He believes this is an essential
ingredient for anyone creating a recipe to bring about change no matter how big or small.
Theragun has been the vehicle which has allowed him to make this a reality.

Ben cares deeply about delivering a better understanding on the origins Theragun has been
built on. He embodies our company mission and focuses on building strong relationships.